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A Parent's Wish
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"I live alone and have always worried about losing my balance, falling, and not being able to pick myself up. Living on an island, it is sometimes hard for my family to come for help. With Be Safer At Home, I feel at ease knowing that they are able to contact Emergency Services for help, as well as notify my family".

Eugene K., Aquinnah, MA
Personal Emergency Response Service (PERS)
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There are two parts to the Be Safer At Home medical alert system; the Base Unit and Help Button.
​The panic button is an emergency medical alert bracelet or necklace. It is waterproof, and worn by the subscriber at all times. When pressed, the panic button activates the medical alert base unit. An attendant from the Response Center will immediately speak to the subscriber through the base unit's two-way voice speaker. The subscriber explains his/her emergency and the attendant alerts the subscriber's personal responders (family, friend, or emergency services)

The use of Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) has grown dramatically in recent years. Not only for the elderly, but also for patients recuperating after surgery, and potential victims of domestic violence. Read our FAQs page to learn more about who should use Personal Emergency Response Systems. ​

If you are curious to learn more on how our PERS device works, read our How It Works page. ​

Installation Options:

1. Self-install - Unit is shipped to your home for self-installation by yourself or a friend or family member ....... No Charge

2. Installation by one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians ..... $40.00

Monthly Monitoring Fee ...........................................$29.95

Call to see if you quality for our special programs & pricing.

*Installation Fee can be waived with self-install.

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