"My husband recently passed away and I am not steady on my feet. My children wanted me to have this service and I'm glad they insisted".

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Slimeline Lock Box

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A Parent's Wish
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Be Safer At Home offers the Slimline Lockbox. Store a spare key safely, so family members, caregivers, or emergency services can gain access to your home during an emergency. The combination to the lockbox is stored in Be Safer At Home's secure database. ​

The Slimline Lockbox is designed to store 2 keys. Features patented push-button lid and Strongbox vault to make storing spare keys for the home, rental or office convenient and easy. Combination can be changed as often as you like and the push-button lid makes it easy to use in any conditions such as low light or no light. ​

Lockbox ................................................. $40.00

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