Personal Emergency Response Service (PERS)

"I have Be Safer At Home service for my teenage son who is in a wheelchair. It provides him the confidence he needs to transfer in and out of his wheelchair when needed. It also gives me peace of mind if I need to run out and do an errand. He used it recently and they were able to get him the help he needed".

Karl W., Seattle, WA

How It Works
Inside Massachusetts
781-938-PERS (7377)

Outside Massachusetts
866-513-PERS (7377)
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A Parent's Wish
A Parent's Wish
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When you sign up for Be Safer At Home, we collect information such as your medical history, allergies and a list of people (and their phone numbers) you want us to call in the case of an emergency. This allows us to complete a personalized "subscriber profile." ​

As a Be Safer At Home subscriber, you receive a lightweight, waterproof Help button. You can wear this device as a pendant or on a wristband. If you need help for any reason, just press the Help Button. The button sends a signal to the base unit, which is attached to your phone line. ​

Within seconds, the signal reaches our Response Center. There, our trained operators are on hand to help you in over 140 languages 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ​

Once you have pressed your help button, you can speak with the operator through the base unit. This allows for high-quality, hands-free, two-way communication. If you are unable to answer, we will assume there is an emergency and get you help. ​

If you are having an emergency, the operator contacts the appropriate medical personnel and communicates the information included in your subscriber profile. ​

Next, the operator calls everyone you want to be notified, which may include family members and friends. ​

After an emergency, we follow up to check on your status. If you are hospitalized, we can notify someone to stop the mail or feed your pet. We'll even place a "welcome home" call upon your return. ​

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Be Safer At Home
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